Interval Timer for your Apple Watch

Interval Timer for Apple Watch

Installing Exercise Timer on your Apple Watch allows you greater freedom when performing your workouts. By simply looking at your wrist, you can see your most important workout details, making it perfect for those High Intensity Interval Training Workouts.

Installing Exercise Timer on your Apple Watch

If Exercise Timer is installed on your phone, it should immediatly come up on your Apple Watch. Before using the watch app to do your first workout, make sure you open both the Apple watch app & the iPhone App to sync all workouts.

If the workouts are not synced you can tap 'sync' on your Apple Watch App.

Start your Interval Training

Open Exercise Timer just on your watch. Select one of the custom workouts and tap on it to start the workout on your watch. Your phone is not required while performing your workout, however due to how iOS works it is still required to be within range to your phone.

During Interval Training

Pause Workout

While performing a workout tap the screen to pause a workout. Tap play to continue or stop to end workout

Skip Exercise

To skip an exercise scroll right to the exercise list. Tap on any exercise you wish to skip to.

Workout Live stats

Scroll to the first page to view the live workotu stats. This screen shows the heart rate, calories burned, elapsed & duration left


Set how you like your Exercise Announcements, Preperation Time and More. You can open the preferences screen by tapping the gear icon in the main screen.

Ready to Workout?

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