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Hint: Repeat sub-sets of your workout by grouping them.

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How to use this online Interval Timer Creator

Creating Workouts on your Android/iOS device is very easy with Exercise Timer! However some prefer to create their workouts on a desktop computer. This is why we created this online utility.

Follow these steps to create a workout routine:

  1. Enter your workout name in the field above.
  2. Tap '+ Exercise' to add a new Exercise.
  3. Tap '+ Group' to add a new Exercise Group. A group allows you to repeat a set of exercises.
  4. Set the number of Laps. This will repeat all Exercises
  5. When finished press 'Create Workout'. This will generate a link with your workout.
  6. Open this link on your Android/iOS device or tap 'SEND LINK BY SMS' to have the link sent to your phone by sms

Tips and Tricks

  1. Before Tapping 'Create Workout' make sure you have finished your workout. After tapping this button you will not be able to edit the workout in this utility. You can stil modify the workout after importing it on your phone.
  2. You can drag and drop Exercises to order them or move them in or out of groups.