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Pilates Interval Timer

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Experience Pilates like never before with Exercise Timer. Ensure each pose's perfection with precise interval timing.
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Why Use Exercise Timer for Pilates?

Precision Timing
Ensure each pose and movement gets its due time, enhancing muscle activation and balance.
Customizable Intervals
Perfect for techniques that require varied timings and custom exercise names.
Reads Intervals
There's no need to look at your phone. Exercise Timer will read the next exercise 5 seconds before to give you enugh time to change pose.

Why Exercise Timer?

Here are 10 Features that make it perfect for any Training
  • Voice, Bell & Vibration Announcments
  • Color Coded Exercises
  • Add Exercise Gifs
  • Powerful Workout Editor
  • Create Training Plans
  • Customisable Exercise Bell
  • Exercise Tempo Metronome
  • 2 Modes: For Reps or For Time
  • Workout Logs & Analytics
  • Share your Workouts

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