On your Wear OS SmartWatch

Interval Timer on Wear OS

Installing Exercise Timer on your smartwatch allows you greater freedom when performing your workouts. By simply looking at your wrist, you can see your most important workout details, making it perfect for those High Intensity Interval Training Workouts.

Installing Exercise Timer on your watch

If Exercise Timer is installed on your phone, your Wear OS by Google watch should notify you to install Exercise Timer. If this notification does not show up on your watch, simply download the Exercise Timer app on your watch from Google Play. Before using the watch app to do your first workout, make sure that your watch is synced to your phone.

Exercise Timer on wear OS can work in two ways with your smartwatch:

Sync Mode

Use your phone to create your custom workout and open it on your phone. If the watch app of Exercise Timer is open, the same workout will open on your watch. When you change a workout on your phone it will immediately sync with your watch.

Please note that in free mode, only workouts with up to 3 exercises can be used on your watch. Upgrade to premium to get unlimited exercises.

Watch Only

Open Exercise Timer just on your watch. Select one of the custom workouts and play it using just your watch. Your phone is not required while performing your workout.

Start, Pause & Stop Workout

To start a workout on your watch, simply tap the screen on your watch or on your phone. If your phone and watch are synced up correctly, the circular bars on both devices will mark the same workout progress.

Simply tap the watch screen to pause your workout. Tap Play to continue the workout or the red Stop button if you wish to stop the workout.

Video Tutorial

How to perform interval training using your wear OS Smartwatch
Interval Timer on Wear OS
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