Quick Start Tutorials

Quickly learn how to use Exercise Timer in a 5 part video tutorial.
How to create a workout video

Create a Custom Workout

Learn how to add a custom interval timer for your custom workout routine. Describes how to add exercises to a workout, the 'For Time' and 'For Reps' Exercise modes. How to measure calorie burn using exercise MET and more.

How to create a Training Plan

Create a Training Plan

Learn what is a training plan in Exercise Timer. How to create a training plan and add workouts to it.

Tips using Exercise Timer

Tips for your Workout

In this tutorial you will learn several techniques and tips to make your workout experience better on Exercise Timer.

Exercise Timer on Wear OS by Google

Use on your Wear OS Smartwatch

Learn how to use Exercise Timer on wear OS by Google. Sync Exercise Timer on your phone to your watch and more.

Workout Logs & Account

Create an Exercise Timer Account & Workout History

Learn what are the advantages of using an Exercise Timer Account. How to sign up, create an account, backup workouts on cloud and How to use history & workout Logs.

Deep Dive Tutorials

These tutorials are divided by a particular feature to make it easier for you to refer to
Create a tabata timer

How to create a simple Tabata Timer

Grouping and Repeating Exercises

Grouping and Repeating Exercises

export workout to pdf

Export Workout to PDF

Sort Exercises

Sort Exercises

Duplicate Exercises

Duplicate Exercises

Delete Exercises

Delete Exercises

Change duration of multiple Exercises

Change Duration of Multiple Exercises

Add Exercise Gifs

Add Exercise Gifs


Metronome Interval Training

Different Bell for Each Exercise

Different Bell for Each Exercise

Calculating Calorie Burn

Calculating Calorie Burn

Attach Reference Workout Videos

Attach Reference Videos & Links

Color Coded Intervals

Modifing Interval Colors

For Repetitions

For Repetitions (for reps)

Preparation timer

Preparation Timer"

Interval Timer Themes

Change Themes

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