Custom HIIT Interval Timer

One Interval Timer App for any HIIT Workout

Custom Interval Timer

Built for Interval Training

  • Custom Intervals
  • Color Coded Exercises
  • Group Exercises & Repeat
  • Drag and drop to sort
  • Add Exercise Gifs
  • Optional Custom Exercise Bell
  • Optional Exercise Metronome
  • Share workouts as a link or pdf
  • Apple, Android, iWatch & Wear OS
Customisable Exercise Announcments

Don't Look at your phone!

Exercise Timer gives voice, bell & vibrate announcements to follow your workout without looking at your phone

How it works

Interval Training using Exercise Timer
Step 1
Download Exercise Timer on Android or iOS
Step 2
Create Custom Interval Timer
Create your workout and add your exercise intervals
Step 3
Start Workout
Start your workout and let Exercise Timer guide your HIIT Workout
Step 4
Workout Logs
Keep Workout logs and track your Interval Training progress

Works on your Smartwatch

Be flexible and workout wherever you want with Exercise Timer on your wrist
HIIT Interval Timer Video
Ready to Workout?

Download Exercise Timer

Available on Android and iOS
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